Kassidy Jewell is one of the brightest shining lights on the horizon of Australian country music. Kassidys debut single hit the airwaves nationally and internationally upon release in 2022, also making the Top 10 Traditional Country Music Chart of Australia.

At only 15 years of age she secured her first awards nomination, named as a finalist in The Independent Country Music Awards - ICMA "Most Popular New Australian Independent Female Country Artist."

There is no disputing that Kassidy Jewell has an incredible future as a national and international country music star, should that be her chosen path.  She possesses one of the purest female country voices to be discovered in many years; I would argue, the most traditional female country voice to be recorded in our country since Australia's Queen of Country Music, Jean Stafford back in the 70's.

At such a tender age, she is being nurtured and protected in these early formative years but there is an incredible air of excitement about her development as a recording star as we are writing for her forthcoming singles. May the world be hers to explore as country music fans experience the music of this beautiful talent and may her star shine brightly forever. Kassidy is a rare talent!

(2023 Press Release written by Shaza Leigh Butler - LBS Music Group)

2022 Debut Radio Single

"Little Shadows" - Released to Country Radio World Wide!

Kassidy, still only 14, has loved singing since the day she could talk, appreciating all genres of music but with a real love for country music and the stories behind the songs.

Kassidy never dreamed that being crowned the ‘Junior Winner’ at The 2021 Man from Snowy River Festival, in Corryong, would start a roller coaster of events resulting in a chance meeting with her now mentor, Shaza Leigh OWB & Lindsay Butler OAM from the renowned LBS studios.

“Little Shadows” was written by Kas and Shaza during the first mentoring session to record as part of her development package. It is a reflective personal story about kassidys beautiful relationship with her Dad, his Little Shadow and how those special connections change  in time as children need to grow and find their own way in this world.

Kassidy performs this song, her real-life story, with warmth and sweetness combined with strength and conviction.

With her infectious smile and vivacious personality, Kassidy is undoubtedly a true shining star of the future in country music. 

(Press Release for Little Shadows - provided by LBS Music Group for distribution by Star Central, CRS Publicity, Blue Shamrock Music, Checked Label Services & Star News)